tsepnraiynag (tsepnraiynag) wrote,

Brought to you by the letter P

One Christmas Eve I found myself in Zacatecas, Mexico, with the understanding that markets and restaurants may be closed on Christmas.  I asked the owner of my hostel where to find groceries, anticipating a desperate situation, and he sent me to a local Christmas Market set up in one section of the city that was supposed to have food.  Instead, I found hundreds of people in the crowded country doing last minute toy shopping.  I didn't have time to find something else now, I thought, so I continued searching.  I found cheap oranges.  I eventually found cilantro, avocados, a few potatoes, a jalapeno, limes.  I purchased them all, having no idea what I was going to make out of these items.  I then found a tortilleria, and bought some fresh tortillas.  On the way home I found a shop with some random Mennonite cheese.  I used these items for the next few days to concoct the best potato tacos imaginable, except that I had not yet mastered using a true Mexican tortilla.  There were some Mexicans in my hostel, though, so I spied a bit and watched how they cooked them, and then there I had it, the best potato tacos available, which I never would have found had I not been forced to buy only those random foods.  Mmmmmmmmm.

This has been the story of the potato taco.

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